Open Shop Drawing

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When the project is growing, it usually gets a bit tricky to find specific shop drawings. The list of assemblies in the 'Project Browser' can be very long. The command 'Open Shop Drawing' have been developed to help with this. 

Open Shop Drawing

The dialog for the command has a search box, a list of drawings on the left side and a list of sheets on the right side. 


Figure 1: The dialog for 'Open Shop Drawing'.

To open a drawing, one can select one or more drawings and sheets.


Figure 2: Open one sheet.


Figure 3: Open several sheets.

The drawings can be filtered out with the search option. 


Figure 4: Search for drawings.

Sometimes, the user might know the placement of the element, but not the name of it. Then it is possible to select the element(s) with the 'pick' option.


Figure 5: Pick an element in the model to open the drawings.

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