Placement of views and schedules

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To make sure that the views on a shop drawing will be places properly, one need to specify an region (a view port) on the sheet where the view should be placed. See step-by step guide below. 

NOTE: For this functionality to work, one need to add the "IMPACT ViewPort" family to the annotations folder in the standard. The family can be downloaded here

 Figure 1: Add the "IMPACT ViewPort" family to the annotations folder in the company standard. 


  1. Start the "Shop Drawing Settings" dialog and go to the "Drawing Views" tab. 
  2. Select a view to place and click on "Create or Update Viewport".

    Figure 2: Select the view and then "Create or Update View Port" to place the view port.
  3. Place the view port by selecting two diagonal points.

Figure 3: Select two diagonal points to place the view port.

The view port is now placed and represented by a rectangle. The rectangle will not appear when a shop drawing is generated, but will just help the user to control that the placement of the view port is done properly. 


Figure 4: Add view ports and placement of schedules. 

Scale to fit

To optimize the size of the views on a shop drawing, one can apply the setting "Scale to Fit", which will adjust the scale of the selected views. This to maximize the usage of the view port area. The "Scale to Fit" option will calculate the optimal scale for all views and apply it on all views with the setting activated. 

Note: If a view template is used at the same time as "Scale to Fit", one need to make sure that the setting for scaling in the view template is deactivated by unchecking the "Include" box which can be seen in Figure 5 below. 


Figure 5: Uncheck "Include" for the view scale to make sure that "Scale to Fit" will work properly. 


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