Rough Planning Dependencies setting

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2021/02/17 15:53

In the project Properties is there added a new setting called “Rough Planning dependencies”. This allows the user to set the required date requirement between the different rough dates.


Use Rough Planning Dependencies (Yes/No) - This sets if the setting should be used or not

Give warning if dependencies are not fulfilled (Yes/No) - This sets if there should be a warning when the element is fine planned. If set to Yes then will a popup dialog appear when fine planned and ask if the dates should be updated according to the fine planned date? If No then will the dates automatically get updated.

Popup warning for cast planning with Give warning if dependencies are not fulfilled -> Yes. If Yes is chosen will all the dates except "planned erection date" (And transport date/storage date if the element is fine planned for transport) get updated. If No is chosen will only the planned production date be updated.


Order of dependencies (Planned erection date -> Planned drawing date / Planned drawing date -> Planned erection date) - This sets the Required time dependencies.

Required time between the dates - Sets the number of days between the different dates.

In the example below is the Planned erection date the “End date” and requirement will be from “Planned erection date to Planned drawing date.


So the delivery date will be the same date as erection, planned storage date will be 3 days before the planned delivery date, planned production date will be 1 day before planned storage date and planned drawing date will be 5 days before planned production date.

When one of the dates are set – In this case the Planned erection date – Then will all the other rough dates be set according the to the project properties settings. You will notice that the interval between fx planned storage date and planned production date is more than the 1 day that was defined in the project properties. The reason for the 3 days in the picture is because at “Our factory” have we defined Saturday and Sunday as weekend and therefore does it skip Saturday and Sunday.


If the project property “Give warning if dependencies are not fulfilled” is set to “Yes” then will there be a warning when the elements are fine planned. I the picture is the element fine planned for cast. When “Yes” is click will it change the rough planning according to the date requirement. The only date that isn’t changed if set is the “Planned erection date”.


After the element is fine planned are the rough planning for the “Planned delivery date”  not correct – When the element is fine planned for transport will only the “Planned storage -and Planned delivery date” chance. The “Planned production date” is “locked” because it's fine planned and the “Planned drawing date” is upholding the required days to “Planned production date”.

By locking the fine planned dates do we make sure that the dates required dates are correct.