Find Component Project Manager

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In IMPACT Project Manager, there is a tool that allows the user to find components. This can be useful when the project is containing a lot of elements. 

Note: A similar tool can be found in IMPACT for AutoCAD


Figure 1: Dialog for Find Component

  1. Type of component - what component the user want to find
    • Definitions
    • Cast-in Materials
    • Endcaps
    • MEP-keys
    • Openings
    • Reinforcement Barmarks
    • Reinforcement Meshes
  2. In what element type the component is placed - e.g. Wall or Sandwich
  3. The name of the component
  4. The user can choose to select the component in one, several or all the element marks that contains the specific component
  5. The user can choose to open the shop drawing(s) for the selected element marks, 
  6. or show the element(s) that contain the component in Model Viewer. 


Find definition SW34


Figure 3: Select in model

Open the drawing for element mark SW427 with definition SW34


Figure 4: Open drawing 

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