Recycle Bin

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The recycle bin is where all the deleted elements from a project are being transferred. 

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There are 2 ways of deleting elements in a Project. You can either delete them from the Model Viewer (and therefore the Element Id tab) or from the Element Mark tab. The biggest difference between those 2 ways has to do with the fact of deleting an element permanently (no way of restoring them) or temporarily (can be restored).

Delete Element Id (Restore available)

In order to delete elements ID (which means that there is a possibility to get them back in Project Manager), you can select them either from Model Viewer or Element Id tab, right click and press Delete Id.



If we look now in the recycle bin we will see that there is a box under "Restore", where we can press and then restore the elements back on our model.


Note: By deleting elements this way, you can always restore them back if a mistake has happened. The downside is that the element mark used for those elements is still "in use" from IMPACT and therefore, can not be used for any replacement elements that we need to draw from scratch.

Delete Elements Marks (Restoring not possible)

In order to delete elements permanently from the database (there will be no way of getting the elements back in Project Manager), we need to delete them from the Element Mark tab. That means that we are deleting the element mark and Id of the element for good. 

You need to find the elements that you want to delete in the Element Mark and select them, as in the following picture and then right click and press Delete.


The following messages will appear and if you want to delete them press Yes:


Note: If you select multiple element marks you can press "Yes to all", so the message will not be repeated. If you press just "Yes" the message will be repeated as many times as the element marks that have been selected. 

Attention: If the element mark includes multiple elements then ALL the elements will be deleted permanently. If you want only to delete a specific element from the same element mark pool, then look in the previous chapter.

An extra message will appear if the element that you are trying to delete has also drawings.


After deleting completely the elements the recycle bin should look like that:


Permanent deletion is successful and there is no possible way of restoring the elements in the database. The element Mark now is free to be used for some replacement elements, that needs to be drawn from scratch.

This is not the way that we recommend to delete the elements from a Project. This is only if you are 100% sure that you will not need to restore elements and drawings on a Project and that you basically use different element marks for duplicate elements.

The first way is the one that we recommend on doing when deleting elements, as there is always the possibility of restoring the elements and the drawings if a mistake has happened!