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Products are a toolbar that contains symbols and symbol definitions for extra/special products that you may need in the case of reinforcement handling, eg special bars, cast-in materials etc. The command group contains 3 commands, Draw Product..., Edit Products... & Products. 

Draw/Edit Product

When drawing products you can choose the Product Type, Designation style, Placing & Scale.

With Edit Products the same dialog shows up as when draw product is chosen. With edit products, you can choose multiple products at once.


Products open a menu where you can create a new product, copy, edit, purge or Export/Import already existing ones.


In this GIF below, all the commands will be used.
1st a product BM20-10 will be drawn with a scale of 1 with Draw product. Next to it, another one will be drawn with the scale set to 2 (2 times larger). Here we change the scale to 2 for the first product with Edit products. Next, Products is opened and the length is changed from 2000 to 4000. A change in the definition will affect all the products already drawn and the ones that are being drawn. 


Designation style

The designation style decides what will be written next to the product. This can be changed in Designation styles...



Figure 1: Products section in IMPACT Reinforcement (AutoCAD)