Layer definition

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With the installation of reinforcement follows 6 layer definition files containing the layers used by the application in AutoCAD. Which layer file is used depends on language settings and standard. This is configured in the Reinforcement Configuration Tool. It is possible to create custom layer definition files and use them with the application if neither of the predefined layer files contains the configuration you want. Custom files can freely be configured. As an example, you can set layer color, line thickness or name of any of the layers used. 

By pressing the Layer Definition button (seen in the image to the right) a dialog box opens that lists the available layer definition files from the directory %appdata%\StruSoft\IMPACT 12\Reinforcement\Layer Definitions, which is the default directory for layer files in IMPACT Reinforcement. It's possible from this dialog to edit any of the listed layer definitions, add a new definition or browse for a custom definition.

Figure 1: Layer definition dialog

Edit a layer file

Double-click on a layer definition file to edit it. The dialog box that pops up contains 3 tabs. In the first two, you can see which layers and linetypes are included in the layer definition file and the open drawing. It is also possible to move information between the file and the drawing. The third tab contains links between objects in the application and layers/linetypes. Such as which layer straight reinforcement bars placed in the top should belong to and which line type that should be used etc..

Figure 2: Edit layer definition

Changes are stored in this file locally on the creator's computer. In order for other users to access it, it must be shared manually. Other users should copy the file and place it in the same directory on their own computer.

Create a custom layer file

The easiest approach to making your own layer definition file is to copy one of the default files, rename it, and make changes. First, make a copy of the layer file that you want to use as a base for your customization. Layer definition files are located in %appdata%\StruSoft\IMPACT 12\Reinforcement\Layer Definitions.

Figure 3: Copy layer definition file in Windows Explorer

Rename the copied file to something representative. In this example, the layer file is named custom layer definition.


Figure 4: Renaming the copied layer definition file

The file will be listed among the other layer definition files and can now be customized according to preference. Use the animation in the previous chapter Edit a layer file as a reference if you're unsure of how to make changes

Figure 5: Custom layer definition file listed among the other default files

Apply a custom layer file

To apply a custom layer file one must first create a profile in IMPACT reinforcement (it's of course perfectly fine to use an existing profile if it exists). Access profiles by pressing the button shown in the image below.

Figure 6: IMPACT Reinforcement profiles

It's necessary to have a profile because it's the only way you can configure Reinforcement to use a custom layer definition file. The animation below explains how to create a profile, make it active and add a reference to a custom layer definition file. AutoCAD must be restarted for the changes to take effect.  


Figure 7: Create and eidt a profile in Reinforcement

Figure 8: Layer definition... in AutoCAD ribbon