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Customize settings

By default, the Settings tab contains only one set of settings. It's called "Dynamic

In each group there are settings for bars, distribution lines, groups, products and
beams. The dialog contains the following tabs:

dynamic settings1.png

Figure 1: Dynamic Settings

General:             Name and description of the setting type.
Bar 1:                 General settings on quality, dimensions, shape codes, etc. 
Bar 2:                 How the bars are presented graphically.
Bar 3:                 Endmarks, CC-distance, text handling, etc.
Straight bar:       Quality, diameter, and CC-distance for straight bars.
Distribution line: Graphical presentation of the distribution line.
Groups:              Designation style, scale, etc. for reinforcement groups
Mesh 1:              General settings of dimensions regarding rows and columns.
Mesh 2:              Graphic presentation and text management etc.
Product:             General product information, text management.
Beam 1:             General settings of dimensions regarding main reinforcement and stirrups.
Beam 2:             Breakpoint properties: anchorage and extra stirrups.
Beam 3:             Graphic presentation and text management etc.

You can save the settings under different names if you need special settings for drawing many bars or special meshes or for any other reason. These special settings are then easily accessible. For the most part, the group “Dynamic Settings" will be enough. 

If you create multiple groups with special settings, it is good to have a system for the designation of them and their contents because the settings only apply to the drawing file in which they are made.

You can always export a created setting to another drawing file and import it.

The setting "Dynamic setting" is special because it always captures the values ​​you 
have chosen in yours commands. All other settings are fixed, ie. they will look the 
same when you run the command again even if you made changes during the last
run of the command.


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