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When a drawing is created in IMPACT Project Manager, a copy of the bl-file will be the base of the new drawing. Information about different things is saved in the bl-file, e.g. information about IMPACT Reinforcement. This means that if a user wants to add something, e.g. a steel quality, so it can be used in future drawings, the change or add should be performed in the bl-file. 

For users that run IMPACT Reinforcement as stand-alone do not have the bl-file. Then, if changes are going to be performed, they should be done in a template file that is used for creating new drawings (see Figure 1).  


Figure 1: Template files for IMPACT Reinforcement stand-alone users

Where to find the bl-file

The bl-file is unique for each IMPACT standard, thus it will be found in the common folder for each standard. 


Figure 2: bl-file for IMPACT 1100 standard

Add or edit information in the bl-file

If something should be added or changed in the bl-file, one should follow the workflow below.

  1. One should make sure that one knows exactly what to do. If something is changed by mistake, the consequences could be fatal. The best thing to do is to practice in a random drawing and test the result. When that is done, and the desired result is received, one should move on to the bl-file. 
  2. Open the bl-file for the correct standard. 
  3. Apply the change. 
  4. Save and close the bl-file. 

All the drawings that will be created from now* on will be affected by the change and will include the updated information. 

*Note regarding Project Manager. If you want to create a new shop drawing then you need to delete the currently saved template under settings in order to get the updated one.