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The planning tab of the Project Manager consists of four major parts:

  • Filter and properties

  • Cast Planning module

  • Stack Planning module

  • Transport Planning module

The four parts are highlighted in blue, see figure 1 below.


Figure 1, the planning tab, from the left: Filter and properties, Cast, Stack and Transport Planning modules

The element id grid is also visible in figure 1, the filter tab can be used to filter out element ID's. These element ID's may be manipulated further by making use of the filters in the ID-grid itself.

Using the Planning tab

As the planning tab makes element ID's searchable and sortable, the main task of the Planning tab is to enable the Cast, Stack and Transport planning of elements.

List search options

The available search options are:

  • Planned Factory
  • Planned Division
  • Cast Planning
    • Planned
    • Produced
    • Unplanned
    • (All)
  • Transport Planning
    • CallOff
    • Delivered
    • OnWaybill
    • Planned
    • Unplanned
    • (All)
  • Project Status
    • In Progress
    • Finnished
    • (All)
  • Ready for Production
    • Yes
    • No
    • (All)

Timeframe search options

There are three timeframes that can be searched:

  • Planned Delivery
  • Planned Production
  • Ready for Production

These are all searchable from a selected date to a selected date.

Open drawings

From the element grid, you can open the drawing belonging to that element. Right-click on a row and a context menu will open. In the menu go to "Open Drawings(s) and select the desired format and viewer.


Figure 2, Opening a drawing from the element grid