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The project tab is the first and main tab of the Resource Manager. Using the filter, it’s possible to show all the projects or to filter and show the filtered projects.

The filter options are:

  • Project: Select a specific project
  • (Project) Type options:
    • None
    • All
    • Prephase
    • Production
    • Project Template
    • Stock Item
    • Temp
  • (Project) Status options:
    • None
    • In Progress
    • Finished
    • All
  • Created Date:
    • From: XXXX-XX-XX
    • To: XXXX-XX-XX


Figure 1, Resource Manager – Project

Marking the project activates the Cast Project Id and Project Summary tabs.

The Casts Project Id tab, includes a filter that filters on:

  • Factory
  • Division
  • Production Date
    • From
    • To

The Project Summary tab (see figure 2), summarizes the project and presents:

  • Element type
  • Number of element marks per element type
  • Number of elements per element type
  • Area per element type (gross area)
  • Mass per element type
  • Time per element type
  • Cost per element type


Figure 2, Project Manager – Project – Project Summary