Work Load

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The Resource Manager Work Load tab is where an overview of one or several factories and divisions are presented. The workload is presented per week. In order to present a desirable work load data selection, there is a filter. The filter consists of three main parts with successive options (also see figure 1):

  • Filter Options
    • Factory
    • Product
    • Include Prephase Projects
    • Show per Project graph
  • Planned Production Date
    • From
    • To
  • Divisions

IMPACT Resource Manager - Work Load_html_1f1eaa96.png

Figure 1, Resource Manager – Work Load

The data that is selected by the filter is presented in three separate tabs:

  • Table
  • Summary Graph
  • Project Graph (if Show per Project graph is selected)

The table tab (also see figure 2), presents weekly production workload data:

  • Week
  • Net Area
  • Gross Area
  • Mass
  • Element Count
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Available Time
  • Volume

IMPACT Resource Manager - Work Load_html_2a6f0194.png

Figure 2, Resource Manager – Work Load – Table

This table provides an overview and the data can be exported by selecting and right-clicking a row and choose either copy or copy with header, this data can then be pasted into your favorite worksheet program.

Another way to view the data is to use the Summary Graph:


Figure 3, Resource Manager – Work Load – Summary Graph (mass)

The summary graph example in figure 3 shows the workload in tons during 47 weeks.

There is also a possibility to export both the data and the graph to Excel, this is done by clicking the Reports button in the right upper corner of the summary graph.

Another possibility is to show the workload graph per project. To do this, use the filter in figure and select <Show per Project Graph>, an example is shown in figure 4:


Figure 4, Resource Manager – Work Load – Summary Graph (mass)

To export data to excel, use the Reports button in the upper right corner of the graph.

Forecasted Absence Curve

The grey bars in the bar chart show the "work" that needs to be done divided per week. 
The red line is the available resources or manpower per week.
With the forecasted absence percentage the responsible for the workload can see and divide the work better with this as an overview. In the example below 50 % of the resources/manpower are not available between the week 35 and 38, this is shown with the dashed line and the number decreased from 67 to 33.5.