Version 17.0.007 Q3/2023

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2023/09/26 08:24


New: The Password policy strength has been increased to require 16 characters in length in Auth0. Will only apply for new passwords. (Case 127483)

New: Server connect and clients can now be run on virtual desktops. (Case 102364)

New: Menu option to give the customer option if auto minimizes is active or not. (Case 126036)


Fix: Added a setting to the notification that makes it possible to decide how often to check the unread notifications. (Case 125623)

Fix Resolved the issue with disclosed user information with encryption of IMPACT User Id. (Case 127485)

Fix: Insecure Refresh Token Storage corrected. The refresh token saved in Credential Manager encrypted. (Case 127479)

Fix: Refresh tokens are now implemented correct and will work so that the user doesn't need to login again if their inactivity is less than seven days. (127487)

Fix: Resolved the issue with Broken access control. (Case 127482)

Fix: resolved the issue with risk of Frameable response, clickjacking of the application. (Case 127486)