Custom layer groups

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2023/08/23 15:44

Custom Layer Groups are user-defined layer groups that can be used to exclude certain layers from viewports in drawings that have been created in IMPACT. For example, it would be possible to create a view of the drawing where reinforcement or CIMs should not be visible.

Create a Custom Layer Group

New groups are easily created in Standard Admin. Right-click on the node named Customer Layer Groups and select New. Name the group into something relevant such as what layout or view it is supposed to be used with.


Select the group after it has been created and a list of all layers available for the current drawing standard will appear in the right section of the application. Layer id, Name, and Description are displayed in separate columns in the list.

To include layers in the group you'll need to check the tick box in the Members column, as shown in the animation below.    


Note that there are separate layers for each element type. So, as an example, if we intend to exclude reinforcement text from a view on both sandwich wall- and solid wall drawings using the same layer group you'll need to make sure that both layers are a member of the group, see the images below.



Apply a Custom Layer Group

As mentioned earlier, custom layer groups are used to exclude layers from certain drawing views. To do this, choose a view to exclude the layers from or create a new one. Select it and right-click to bring up the context menu. There is an option called Frozen Layer Groups... Choose that option and then select the group of layers that you want to exclude from the view. Confirm by pressing OK

Frozen layer groups can be configured for templates either at the common level in standard admin or project level in Project Manager. All shop drawings made from those templates will have the same configuration. 

Note: After making changes in Standard Admin then it is needed to delete the shop drawing and template in Project Manager. The templates with the changes need to be loaded again into the project for the changes to apply.