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When configuring panels in IMPACT, one should look at a total of three different block types. This is the panel block itself (2 in figure 1), the revision row block (1 in figure 1) and the signature block. They should be created in scale 1:1 and placed either at the common or local level depending on accessibility:

  • Common level folder path example: …\common\1100\1100\templates_drawings
  • Local level folder path example: …\common\1101\1101\templates_drawings

The revision block name is hardcoded and therefore has to be "_urevrad.dwg". The signature blocks are referenced in the property dialog for each drawing after or when they have been created so they can be named freely. 


Figure 1: Drawing panel _ust100 (2) with revision block _urevrad.dwg (1), IMPACT Standard

When the blocks have been made, configure some parameters in Standard Admin so that they become recognized and usable by the system.

Figure 2 shows the list of drawing panels configured for the standard. Create a new entry if the panel you want to use isn't present. Name and Description can be any text. The File name is used to reference the panel block so it must correspond to the block name (excluded the ending .dwg). Last we have coordinates for the insertion point of the revision- and signature block.


Figure 2: Drawing panel list in Standard Admin

Signature block

A signature block is inserted in the drawing panel to show which user that is responsible for the drawing. 

To be able to use a signature block, you need to create one first. To do that, open an empty AutoCAD sheet and write the signature. Note:

  • The signature block should be in scale 1:1
  • The signature should be inserted in origo


Figure 3: Signature block

The block should then be saved and located in \common\factory\factory\templates_drawings and named the same as your signature (LK in the example below). 

After you have customized your signature block and placed in the right folders, you can start using it. All you need to do is to reference the signature block by name in the field that is highlighted in figure 4. It will then be inserted in the panel based on the coordinates set in standard admin for the panel used.


Figure 4: Reference signature block


Figure 5: Signature block displayed in a panel on a drawing