<!-- Auto Cost Calculation default parameters -->
    <add key="CostCalcRequireDrawing" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcRequireReadyForProduction" value="No" />
    <!-- Cost calculated element types -->
    <add key="CostCalcBeam" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcColumn" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcDoubleWall" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcFormSlab" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcHollowCore" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcInsulatedWall" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcLinked" value="Yes" />
    <add key="CostCalcPrestressedBeam" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcPrestressedFormSlab" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcPrestressedLinked" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcPrestressedSlab" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcSandwich" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcSlab" value="No" />
    <add key="CostCalcWall" value="No" />
    <!-- Configuration of linked element groups to be calculated  -->
    <!-- example with distinct element groups (331, 335, 339) and range (from 501 to 550) should be: value="331,335,339,501-550" -->
    <add key="CostCalcLinkedGroups" value="37,371" />
    <add key="CostCalcPrestressedLinkedGroups" value="300 - 400, 332,336" />
    <!-- Cost calculation filter: Limit calculation to certain standard(s) and project(s)  -->
    <add key="CostCalcFactory" value="8201" />
    <add key="CostCalcProjectPrefix" value="P32038" />


The figure below shows the Auto cost calculated log.

Note that if you have a larg number of projects to be calculated that may slow down the service for all the user!

Use the configuration entries above to limit the number of projects to be calculated by setting CostCalcProjectPrefix. 


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