Pallet Move Unproduced

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<!-- Pallet System set PalletAutoSetToProduced to YES if you want the pallet function MoveUnproducedToNext to set the planned pallets status to Produced if found in the middle of produced. Default: YES -->  
<add key="PalletAutoSetToProduced" value="Yes" />    

<!-- Pallet System Number of trials of the Pallet functions on error (Default: 5 times) with 20 sec interval -->  
<add key="PalletNumberOfTries" value="15" />    

<!-- Imported cast and status default parameters -->
<add key="ProductionDivisionId" value="100000" />

<add key="ProductionCompanyId" value="1100" />

Hard coded values:

  •                     MoveFromPreviousWorkingDay = true,
  •                     Shift = 1, // Hardcoded to shift 1, so far !

Dynamic Values

  •                     CastDate = DateTime.Today,


Casts with the status planned from the previous working day are moved to the next working day.
Changes are made in the table imp_production_cast.

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