IMPACT Sync Scheduled Task

Last modified by Theib Sawaf on 2020/03/27 14:50

Here is how to create Scheduled Task in Windows 10

In the following steps we show as an example how to create and configure a task for IMPACT Sync Export Delivery to ERP (parameter: 2)

  1. Open Task Scheduler.
  2. Under the actions menu Click “Create Task“.
  3. The “Create Task” screen will appear. Select the “General” tab
    • In the “Name” field, give the task a name. Example: “IMPACT Export Delivery to ERP“.
  4. Select the “Triggers” tab.
  5. Select “New…“.
  6. The “New Trigger” window will appear, here you have the option to set when the task will start.
    • Select when you would like the task to start in the “Begin the task” drop-down menu.
    • Modify the “Settings” area as desired.
    • In the “Advanced settings” field you can choose to delay task, repeat task, stop task, activate and expire.
    • Enabled” is checked by default.
  7. Select “OK“.
  8. Select the “Actions” tab, then select “New“.
  9. The “New Action” window will open.
  10. In the “Action” drop down, “Start a program” is set by default. Change it if desired.
  11. Select “Browse…” next to the “Program/script” field
  12. Browse to the IMPACT Sync exe file, for example "..\Program Files\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\Sync\IMPACT Sync 15.0.exe"
  13. Select “OK“.
  14. You can keep the default values in “Conditions” and “Settings” tabs.
  15. Select “OK“.

Here is the Create Task dialog box with the General tab selected:


Here is the Create Task dialog box with the Triggers tab selected:


Here is the Create Task dialog box with the Actions tab selected:


You can follow the task running history as shown in the figure below.


For more details see the following from MS:

Note about trigger: 

In the current Windows 10 it seems that the duration ("for a duration of") type Indefinitely doesn't work.
As a workaround replace it with 3650 days (around 10 years).