Configure printers and plotters

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This wizard shows how to configure printers and plotters to use with IMPACT. You'll need access to IMPACT User Admin to complete the wizard, so make sure you have the necessary privileges before you start. 

Add printers and plotters

First, we need to store information about the plotting device that you want to use into a configured plot (PC3) file. Plot configurations are portable and can be shared in an office or on a project as long as they are for the same driver and model. Plot configurations for system printers may also be shared, but need to be shared on the same version of an operating system. Add plotters using Add-A-Plotter Wizard, accessible from Autodesk Plotter Manager in Windows control panel. See figure 1 and 2.


Figure 1: Autodesk plotter manager in Windows control panel


Figure 2: Add-A-Plotter Wizard

Add-A-Plotter Wizard

Run the wizard and follow the instructions. The options most suitable for your situation may differ from the options that are suggested (marked) in the figures below.


Figure 3: Add Plotter - Introduction page

Add a system printer. 


Figure 4: Add Plotter - Begin

Select the printer/plotter you want to add.


Figure 5: Add Plotter - System Printer

Import specific information from previously saved PCP or PC2 files or proceed by pressing next.


Figure 6: Add Plotter - Import Pcp or Pc2

Name the plotter. This name will be used to identify the PC3 file. 


Figure 7: Add Plotter - Plotter name

Finish the wizard.


Figure 8: Add Plotter - Finish


Figure 8: The PC3 file created using the Add-A-Plotter wizard

Plotters in IMPACT

Before the plotter files can be used with IMPACT, they must be added to a list of plotters in User Admin. The list is unique for each division (divisions can be seen as designated workplaces that share common data, such as plotters).

Select User Divisions (1) under the company that you want to configure, then select the User Division (2) that you want to enable the plotter for.  To add a new plotter, press the plus sign (3). Choose the right type (4). In this case, the type will be a Plotter but there are other options like PDF reader to match, for example, AutoCAD's DWG to PDF plotter. Give the plotter the exact same name (5) as the PC3 file  (it's referenced by name). Finally, save (6) your changes.  

The plotter should be possible to use in IMPACT by all members of the division. 


Figure 9: Add plotters to IMPACT

Before you can use the plotter, you need to make sure that you are a member of the division in which you just created the plotter. You do this under Users in User Admin


Figure 10: Member of division

Plot style tables

IMPACT plot style tables come with the installation of IMPACT for AutoCAD. They can be found in the following directory: C:\Program Files\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\IMPACT for AutoCAD\Common


Figure 11: IMPACT Plot style tables

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