Install a license server

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Open the Licensing & Settings tab in the StruSoft installer and select License Help.

Licens Installation 1.png
Figure 1: License Help in the StruSoft Installer

Clicking the License Help will open up our Guides to installation and configuration of StruSoft License System. Click on the Server installation and configuration.

Licens Installation 2.png

Figure 2: Guides to installation and configuration of StruSoft License System 

To install Lmadmin (The license server), choose the Download the quick installation here and install the Lmadmin.

Licens Installation 3.png
Figure 3: Server installation and configuration

After the installation is done will the dashboard of FlexNet Publisher open showing the active licenses. The address for the page is localhost:8090, it is also possible to access the FlexNet publisher form other computers than the license server but then should the localhost be changed to the server IP.

Licens Installation 4.png

Figure 4: Dashboard of FlexNet Publisher

The installation is now done. 

For a video guide see the following link.

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