Draw hollow core

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It's time to draw the hollow cores slabs. We will draw the hollow cores in the highlighted areas in Figure 1 below. 


Figure 1. Draw hollow cores in the two highlighted areas.

We start with the left area. 

Open the level 2. 

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Draw hollow core to start the command. 

draw 1.png

Figure 2. Draw hollow core dialog.

Select the definition '19' from project level (1).

The next step is to define the boundary of the slabs (the area of where the slabs should be placed). Click on 'Select Boundary' (2).

draw slab 2.png

Figure 3. Select boundary. 

There are five options:

  1. Pick floor - draw slabs according to a floor in the model, e.g. a architectural floor.
  2. Pick model lines - define the boundary by first drawing model lines.
  3. Draw rectangle - define the boundary by drawing a rectangle.
  4. Pick point in a closed area - use a closed area as the boundary. 
  5. Pick points - create the area by picking each corner of the boundary.

In this area we will use the third alternative (Draw Rectangle).

draw hc 1.gif

Figure 4. Select boundary by picking the top left point and lower right point. 

The boundary is now defined. The next step is to decide which directions we want for the slabs.

Click 'Select Direction' (3)

draw dir.png

Figure 5. Select direction.

draw hc dir.gif

Figure 6. Click on a line with the same direction as desired slab direction.

There is a hole in the floor that is 1200 mm, which is the same width as a hollow core slab. Right now it cuts two slabs. Since it's the same width as the hollow core, we want to align the slabs so that the hole aligns with one slab. To do so, click on 'Pick Insertion' (4). Click on the left side of the hole. 

draw ins.png

Figure 7. Pick Insertion.

draw hc insert.gif

Figure 7. Pick the left side of the hole. 

The preview is now aligned to the hole. 

draw hc dir + inst.png

Figure 8. Preview of the slabs.

The next step is to add the support length. 

The support length is an option to add additional width or length to a slab area so that it can rest on the other elements in the building. 

Click 'Support Length/Endcap' (5).

draw sup end.png

Figure 5. Support length and endcaps. 

The slabs should be extended 80mm in both ends. 

Finish with 'OK'.

draw sup 1.png

Figure 9. Add support length.

Like the solid slabs. we need to change the placement to 'Top' and set the elevation offset to '-57mm'. 

draw elev.png

Figure 10. Change placement to top.

We don't need to change anything in the tab 'Endcap' since we want to use the default endcap 'HC19-U2' for the definition, which we configured in the definition.

Draw endcap.png

Figure 11. Default endcaps.

The same for the strands. We want to use the default strandpattern '4' from the definition. 

draw strandp.png

Figure 12. Default strandpattern.

Everything is prepared, so it is time to draw the hollow cores. Finish with 'OK'. 

Continue to draw the hollow cores on the right side of the building with the same methods that we did above. 

Draw result.png

Figure 13. Hollow cores. 

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