Release notes IMPACT Reinforcement 13.0.013

Last modified by Peter Karlsson on 2022/02/23 19:13


New: Bigger shape code symbol and bar preview. (Case 108425) 


Fix: Preview of stirrup is not zoomed in. (Case 78846)
Fix: Straight bars in Reinforcement group gets a "No mark" symbol. (Case 117664)
Fix: where "Draw as symbol" got removed on MTO. (Case 116798)
Fix: Stirrups no longer loose their angle decimals when edited or a new stirrup is drawn. (Case 112281)
Fix: Schedule inserted from left to right on layouts. (Case 108619)
Fix: Default value for Jig Radius should come from the Quality and not from the dynamic settings. (Case 113160)
Fix: Reinforcement CC distance is removed when "edit placing depth" or "Draw text group" is used in ACAD 2021 Architecture. (Case 111825)