Draw Recess

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Find the draw recess command.


Figure 1: Draw Recess/Filling command

Select any wall.


Figure 2

The recess dialogue appears.


Figure 3: Draw Recess/Filling dialog 

Important Parameters:

  • Type: Specify if the recess is rectangular, circular or use a polygonal shape
  • Side: From which side is the recess calculated. You can also think of this as which normal to use.
  • Cut Out:  Cuts a hole straight through to the other side.
  • Distance from front: How far in shall the recess start. A 0 value means from the surface.
  • Countersinking: How deep is the recess
  • Height: Enter a manual value or choose one on screen (as shown in below example).
  • Dimension type: How shall the recess be dimensioned on a shop drawing.
  • Annotation: Text used in shop drawing to describe recess.
  • Material:  If the recess is to be filled with a material, ex.a different mixture of concrete, insulation etc, specify it here. The recess will then be accounted for as a filling.


Figure 4: Draw recess

If you choose 'specify the height on screen', select a base point and then the second point. Use points on the surface (in this case front) that you specified in the dialogue.


Figure 5: Draw recess

A recess can be added on all sides

When you draw recess/fillings in the model (floor plan) you can select element or none. If you select none it leaves you with adding recess in the top/bottom for slabs and columns&beams and near face/far face for walls. If you instead select element it gives you access to all sides of the element when you place your recess/filling. The GIFs below gives you some ideas on how to use this.


Figure 6: Draw recess by using 3DRotate


Figure 6: Draw recess by using UCS (User Coordinate System)

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