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The Elevation module is used when modifying elements placed on an elevation. Double walls and form slabs are modified in their specific tab.


Below will the different commands under the Elevation tab will be presented. 

Generate Shop Drawings...

View Shop Drawings...

Open Shop Drawing


Save As

Line-up Project MEP key

Save and Replace

Move Lift Wall / Move Lifts

Draw Wall Ties...

Edit Wall Ties...

Draw Panel Thickening...

Draw Recess/Filling...

Wall Ties...

Move Joint

Set Ready for Production

Show Ready for Production...

Set Mass...

Set Product...

Copy from Group

Copy Endcaps From


Check Mass and Size

Check Mass and Size elevation1.png(Same for the plan)Check Mass and Size plan1.png

If a change is done to an element, for example, the element is stretched, then "Check Mass and Size" can be run to update the mass of the element. In the example below, the element has a mass of 4 tons before it has been extended. After the stretch, the command needs to be run to get the new mass, 15.5 tons, shown in the element tooltip. The production settings defined in standard admin can be set in the definition for the element. These are also updated with the command which can be seen by the messages in the element tooltip and by the turquoise color.


Update Lift and Bracing Wall

Update Lift and Bracing Wall1.png

Update Lift and Bracing Wall can be used for example if there is a change of the geometry of a wall or several walls and the lifts and bracings need to be updated.

Update Lift and Bracing Wall.gif

Update Wall


"Update wall" is now available for the elevation. 

This works the same way as the "Update wall" on the plan.

An example of this function could be if you have several walls with the same opening and the definition needs to be changed. When the definition is changed, the walls need to be selected, and "Update wall" needs to be run. This will update the openings in the walls.

What is especially good with this is that this can be run on unmarked walls as well. 

In the example below, the height of the "WIKI" window is increased and "Update Wall" is run. This makes the changes apply immediately and can be run for several walls at one time. 


Show Endcap Labels


Shows the endcap labels for walls on elevation drawings. This shows/hides endcaps for the wall & openings.

Note: The label in the endcap definition needs to be filled in order for the label to be seen.





Settings Elevation

2022-06-28 15_58_52-AutoCAD Architecture 2022 - [EP01.dwg].png

Settings Elevation is divided into three parts, General, Tooltip & Properties.

Under General, you can decide where the current elevation drawing should be placed in. You can choose which building, floor, phase & elevation line the elevation drawing should belong to.

In the next box, Tooltip - Show element tooltip, the user decides if you they want to show the yellow pop-up box when holding the mouse over a wall in the elevation drawing or not. 

Lastly, the user can choose which Property should be present on the element.
Which property should be ticked/unticked is decided by variables that are listed under General variables. These variables are called VISIBILITY... followed by the property name. One example can be the Building, the variable for this is VISIBILITYBUILDING. The variables apply to both the plan and elevation drawings. 

2022-07-15 11_35_26-Window.png

Draw Cast-in Material from...

aaa2023-08-04 10_06_00-AutoCAD Architecture 2022 - [EP01.dwg].png

 (New in Q3/2023) The GIF below shows how this function works.