New: Structural Fabric Areas visibility removed for Structural plans. Better preview of Double Wall elements in the structural plans. (Case 94064)
New: Store IMPACT project information in the Revit file. (Case 93865)
New: Slab Reinforcement templates applies according to the Reinforcement boundary defined in the slab endcap. (Case 92853)
New: Shop Drawing, allow the designer to manually adjust the scheduling cell height. (Case 95896)
New: Save Parts assemblies in IMPACT Revit. Make parameter settings for Element mark, Lenght, Width, Height and Mass. (Case 86019)
New: Recess, Recess Edge, Core filling and Edit Core filling commands moved to Hollow Core falling menu. (Case 85032)
New: Prechecks for the "Save Element" command added in collaborative Revit projects. Reload latest is activated automatically when the user presses on  "Save Element" command if the model is not up to date. (Case 94241)
New: Possibility to use the keyboard arrows to change the endcap in the joint definition. The endcap preview updates automatically. (Case 75136)
New: Possibility to globally disable/enable Linked parameter mapping. (Case 93982)
New: Possibility to automatically load Lattice Girder family type parameters when creating a new Lattice Girder definition. Lattice Girder definitions moved to CIM falling menu. (Case 93606)
New: Pick a point in the model when editting Elevation settings in Edit Double Wall command. (Case 93425)
New: Make parameter settings for calculating total geometry of the part assembly. Extension left, Extension right, Extension front, Extension back, Extension bottom and Extension top parameters added to the Linked Parameters tab. (Case 94289)
New: Lattice Girder coloured in red when the min and max distance for lattice girders can not be fulfilled according to the Double Wall definition. (Case 94072)
New: It is now possible to specify formula for field(s) of schedule in shop drawing setting. (Case 94399)
New: It is now possible to insert and change values for Environmental parameters in Shop drawing and to be reflected in Project Manager and vice-versa. (Case 93346)
New: IMPACT do not trigger automatically synchronizing with the central file after elements have been saved to the database. (Case 95735)
New: Highlighting panels in Double wall when panels are selected in Edit Panel Height & Edit Panel Length commands. (Case 94060)
New: Edit Panel Length command for Double Wall. (Case 93340)
New: Edit Panel Height command in Double Wall falling menu. (Case 93427)
New: Drawing name settings in the Shop drawing templates from IMPACT Standard modified. The Drawing name consists of Drawing Prefix and IMPACT Drawing number labels. (Case 70049)
New: Double Wall - Possibility to use: Draw MEP key, Edit MEP key, Edit MEP Pipe, Show MEP Key Marker, Move MEP Key, Delete MEP Key. (Case 92955)
New: Double Wall - Draw Double Wall Priority preview. (Case 92310)
New: Direction Profile, disable/enable globally in project settings. (Case 93741)
New: Define RC template in Draw Slab/Draw Prestressed Slab and Edit Slab/Edit Prestressed Slab command. (Case 97022)
New: Cover settings for rebars in Reinfocement template settings. The cover will be deducted from an eventual reinforcement boundary defined in a wall endcap. (Case 92899)
New: An arrow symbol indicates the direction of drawing and placing of the Element mark when drawing Walls in IMPACT Revit. (Case 69408)
New: An arrow symbol indicates the direction of drawing and placing of the Element mark when drawing Double Walls in IMPACT Revit. (Case 92924)
New: ´´Show recess in hole specification on shop drawing´´ option added to Draw Recess command and Draw Hole command. (Case 90357)
New:  Edit Lattice Girder command shows dynamic measurements between the  Lattice girders in the Double wall. (Case 93426)


Fix: Warning message when the user tries to make a shop drawing of and element in IMPACT Revit, that already has a shop drawing in the database, created by IMPACT AutoCAD or other IMPACT design software. (Case 92837)
Fix: The rebar reference lines required to create dimension in Shop Drawing, are now shorter. (Case 94611)
Fix: Resolved issue with rebar templates for corbels. (Case 93538)
Fix: Resolved issue where the geometry or user-defined beams was not saved correctly. (Case 97493)
Fix: Resolved issue where control measure was not added when the setting "Closest Edge" was used for the shop drawings. (Case 94259)
Fix: Resolved an issue where values inserted in Shop drawing specifications were not reflected in the element Shop drawing. (Case 93344)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the wall recess was misplaced in Project Manager. (Case 94338)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the User defined elements saved as Linked elements in IMPACT Revit were misplaced in Project Manager. (Case 97066)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the Shop Drawing could not be copied. (Case 94640)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the Other endcap was not visible in Revit. (Case 94408)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the flipped walls could not be saved unless the orientation was changed. (Case 94358)
Fix: Resolved an issue where the Assembly name was changing after copying it from one level to another one. (Case 94397)
Fix: Resolved an issue where Endcaps were not updating after editing the wall. (Case 94309)
Fix: Resolved a special case where elements could not be saved into the database. (Case 97212)
Fix: Resolved a special case related to Shop drawing template, Rebar annotations and placement of the Cross-section. (Case 93553)
Fix: Resolved a case where Rebar tags were not shown in Shop Drawing. (Case 94602)
Fix: Resolved a case where an error occured when pressing on Map definitions. (Case 94349)
Fix: IMPACT will now consider depth parameter when Lifting method is set 

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