Find Element in IMPACT Revit

Last modified by Desi Borisova on 2021/12/09 12:36

Find Element command

In IMPACT Revit, the user has the possibility to find an element in the Revit model. This can be useful when there are a lot of elements, or the user wants to select all components of one specific sort. 

Note: A similar tool can be found in IMPACT Project Manager and IMPACT for AutoCAD 


Figure 1: Find Element command can be found in the IMPACT ribbon in Revit. 

Once the user activates the Find Element function, the following dialog opens up: 


Figure 2: Dialog for Find Element

1. Type of component - choose what component the user wants to search for.

  • Definitions
  • Cast-in Materials
  • Endcaps
  • MEP-keys
  • Openings

2. What element type the component belongs to - e.g. Wall, Sandwich, Slab, etc. 

3. The name of the component in the IMPACT database. 

4. The user can choose to select the component in one, several or all the element marks that contain the specific component

5. Check all listed Element IDs at once.

6. Uncheck all listed Element IDs at once. 

7. Select the checked elements in the Revit model. This functionality could very useful to locate specific components in elements in huge and heavy Revit models. Once you press on Select elements, the dialog window will close and IMPACT will mark the checked elements in the Revit model.  

Example: Find Endcap

Find elements with Endcap WD34-0030 and locate the elements in the Revit model: