Settings for placing lifts in sandwich walls

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There are different ways to place lifts in sandwich walls. In this update, it will be possible to choose between 3 different settings for the lift placement in IMPACT for Revit. 

  1. Lift placed at center of gravity of the element
  2. Lift placed at center of gravity of inner panel, at inner panel elevation
  3. Lift placed at center of gravity the element, at inner panel elevation


Figure 1: Illustration of the different options. 

The setting is driven by a variable in Standard Admin. 


Figure 2: The setting can be found in Standard Admin

When value 2 is used, there will be a panel thickening added for all lifts. The insulation above the lift will also be removed. 


Figure 3: Insulation and panel thickening.

The size of the panel thickening is controled in the lift definition in IMPACT for Revit. 


Figure 4: Configure the panel thickening in lift definitions. 

The size of the removed insulation is controled by the size of the panel thickening, distance between top of panel thickening and top of element, and a variable in Standard Admin. The variable controls the width in mm.


Figure 5: The width of the removed insulation is set in Standard Admin.


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