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The control tab is used to easily get an overview of all the controls and add controls to elements, both planned for cast and unplanned elements. It is easy to find out what elements that haven't passed the controls and what elements haven't been controlled yet. There are two different types of reports that can be printed out. There are the Compact Element Controls report and the Detailed Element Controls report.


Figure 1: An overview of the controls tab

The filter allows you to include elements without controls that have been planned on cast and that haven't been planned on cast. It also allows the user to include rejected elements. You can filter based on production dates, factory, division, projects, element status and element types.


Figure 2: The filter for the controls

Pay attention to the expander on the right side of the grid.


Figure 3: The expander that leads the user to Control Details

Opening up the expander gives you the possibility to do the same that the element control window for cast planning allows you to do.

Link to Element Control system in cast