Stack - Single-sided Rack

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/05/04 17:11

The picture below shows how the different settings are used on the Single-sided rack.

Rack Length (L) – The length of the rack

Rack Width (W) – The width of the rack

Rack Height (H) – The height of the rack

Tolerance X (Tx) – Tolerance between elements in the X-direction.

Tolerance Y (Ty) – Tolerance between elements in the Y-direction.

Tolerance Z (Tz) – Tolerance between elements in the Z-direction.

Rack Top Width (T) – The top width of a rack

Rack Angle (Angel X) – The angle of the rack for the side where the elements are placed, in degrees

Max Element Height (H max) – The maximum height of the elements that can be placed on the stack.

Heff – This is the maximum height of the element when the angle is taken into consideration.