Stock Items

Last modified by Theib Sawaf on 2023/08/23 15:47


Stock Items are used when mass production is needed.

For example, if someone needs to build a train track from Lund to Helsingborg. The request of multiple concrete blocks (which have the same dimensions) to lay the train tracks on is a big job to create each concrete block one by one.

Stock Items allow you to fast create many elements to cover such scenarios.


Here you can create new cast items. Each cast item will get its own cast number. Each cast item can have elements attached to them. Adding new elements lets the user enter the quantity of the given elements that are planned to be produced. Creating new elements that can be used for stock items can be done through Project Manager.  Once a cast item is produced you cannot add more elements to it. Keep in mind that the elements planned and produced here cannot be seen in Cast Planning's calendar or detailed view.


Here you can view all Stock Items that have been produced. Allowing you to filter out what to see based on production date, factory, division, and element type.


The balance/Booked on Transport/Calculated Balance is affected by the transport status as follows:

  • Transport status: Preliminary: Does not affect unless no other status is set; however, it removes all other effects. 
  • Planned: Affects (displays booked). 
  • Call-Off: Affects (displays booked). 
  • On Way Bill: Affects (displays booked). 
  • Delivered: Affects. Does not display booked, but the balance decreases.