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This block is used to show the list of holes table header.

The standard name of the block is _ur_007, this name can not be changed.

How the block works

This is how the standard Strusoft block looks like in a drawing.

ur007blue2023-03-03 09_00_17-C__Users_AdamCarlson_Desktop__ur_0072023-03-03 08_59_07-AutoCAD Architecture 202.png

The block contains no attributes.

The block itself looks like this:

_ur_0072023-03-03 08_59_07-AutoCAD Architecture 2022 - [WP3.dwg].png

The Block

The block is located under ...\Standard\1100\1100\templates_drawings. 1100 must be replaced with your company number. 

If the block is not needed, the dwg can be removed from the folder and it will not be shown.

Download the block