If the length of the formslab is greater than the "Maximum length" of the lattice girder, the value defined with this variable will add an overlapping girder that will be placed to reinforce.

In this case, the "Maximum length" is set to 10000 mm and the formslab is longer than that which causes the overlapping girder to be placed when there is a value set to it. Without any value, there will be no overlapping girder placed.

For the custom value, the value 1200 is written in standard admin. However, in the drawing, the value 1370 is shown. This is due to many different parameters that are involved in this variable as the length interval, length of the formslab, etc. 

The custom value is the minimum value that the overlap needs to be. it could not be 200 less because then it would be 1170 and not fill this requirement.


Example of the IMPACT default setting:



Example with a user default setting:



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