When adding an IMPACT user for the first time, or for a new company, there are some things that one need to set up before the user can be added. Below, one can find a comprehensive guide of User Admin and how to work with it. 

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Add new user account(s)

In the top of the tree, on the left side of the application, is a node called Site. Expand it and click twice on the node Logins. All users that are registered in the database will then be listed. Administrators can make changes to any information about a user. For example, assign System Admin privileges or give access to a company(ies).

New users can be created by either clicking on the plus in the upper right corner or right-clicking in the white area and select New. A unique User Id has to be filled in in order to save the user. The other information is optional but recommended since it's displayed and / or used by the system in different situations.

User Id or E-mail can both be used when signing in to the system in server connect. 

Note: Requires system administrator priviliges.


Figure 1: Adding users

After the users are added, they should be assigned to different companies.


Figure 2: Assigning users to companies


The nodes below Site are companies. Each company can have different setups of User groups, roles, and privileges. When a new company is added, one needs to configure these in order to have a working system for user rights.

User Divisions

After expanding the node of the new company, go to the bottom node called User Divisions. Here, one will add the different divisions of the company, e.g. different offices. For each office, plotters, printers and PDF writers can be configured.
Start with adding a new division by either clicking on the plus in the upper right corner or right-clicking in the white area and select New.
When the division is created, make sure that it is selected and go to the bottom of the dialog. Here one will add the plotters, printers and PDF writers by clicking on the plus in the upper right corner or right-clicking in the white area and select New. Type the name that your plotter got when you set it up. Under Type one will select if it is a Plotter, DWF Writer or PDF Writer. 

user division.gif

Figure 3: Creating divisions 


Under the node Role, one will add a set of roles. The roles can be created from scratch by the administrator, or by importing the standard roles. If the roles are created from scratch, one needs to define user rights for each role.


Figure 4: Adding roles  

User Groups

When the roles are set up, one can continue with creating User Groups. Different Roles can be added to one User Group. 


Figure 5: Creating user groups


The last step is to place users in the right user groups. This will be done under the node Users.
Under this node, the users will also be placed under the right division. This will enable the user to plot drawings. 


Figure 6: Adding users to different user groups 


Figure 7: Adding users to a division to enable the user to be able to print  

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