IMPACT Server SQL is not publicly available so you'll need to contact the support to get a download link.


Make sure that you have verified that your database is supported by IMPACT.

Create a New Database

New IMPACT databases are created with the help of the IMPACT Database Creation Tool. 

Figure 1: IMPACT Database Creation Tool

Provide the following information

  • Server: Name of the database server such as
  • Database: Name of the database to create such as IMPACT16.
  • User: a user with privileges to create a database. Windows authentication can be used if you logged on user has privileges to create a new database.
  • Password: a password for the user allowed to create a database.

Press Execute to create the database and wait for the application to confirm that the database has been created.

Verify Database Creation


Figure 2: An IMPACT16 Database

Use Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio to verify that the database has been created.

Continue with the installation: Install web services!

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