Install client applications

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You install all IMPACT proprietary software from the StruSoft Installer. To filter out apps related to IMPACT click on the tab (with number 1) in the image below. You should always have the latest version of the StruSoft Installer when installing or updating programs. At (2) you can further specify what you are searching for by choosing one of the filters. At (3) StruSoft Installer will display all the programs, within the filter, that are either not installed, up to date or have an available update. At (4) the program you selected is displayed. Information about what version is installed and what version is available is displayed. Release notes in grey are the one which is in the current version. The one written in black are the ones in the not installed (latest) version.    Strusoft installer alllllll.png

Figure 1: IMPACT tab in StruSoft installer

IMPACT for AutoCAD and IMPACT for Revit are plug-ins and are dependent on the version. Therefore, we have different versions of the same application to match each version of AutoCAD and Revit that we support. Make sure you choose the right one from the list.



Figure 2, 3: Separate applications to match AutoCAD/BricsCAD/Revit installation

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