Add corbels

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There are two different ways to add corbels. The first option is to draw the corbels manually without having any reference of where to place them. The second option is to insert the corbels with reference to the beam it will support. In this project we will use the second option, but the first option is also described below. 

Draw Corbel

Go to IMPACT - Components - Draw Corbel to start the command. 

Select one or more columns and end with 'finish'.

The dialog for 'Draw Corbel' appears with options to configure the placement of the corbel.

draw corbel.png

Figure 1. Draw Corbel.

  1. Corbel - select which corbel to use. 
  2. Geometry - even if we select a corbel with some size, the default measurements can be edited by the user.
    The width can be set to either 'By element', which means that it will adjust to the column width, or 'Fixed' where the user decides the width of the corbel.
  3. Placement - The user needs to select the placement side of the corbel. This can be done by checking one or more sides or by activating the 'User Defined' alternative and selecting the side of the actual column in the model by clicking 'Pick Face'. 
  4. Elevation - Elevation from the bottom of the column to the top of the corbel.
  5. Cast-in Material - VÄNTA PÅ KD

When all configurations are done, the corbel will be applied by ending with 'OK'.

Change Cast Orientation

Before we can insert the corbel, we need to modify the left column. Now, the lifter will be placed behind the corbel. 

corbel ori 1.png

Figure 2. Lift behind corbel.

To fix this easiest, we are going to change the cast orientation. Make suer that you are on 'Level 1' and that visual style is set to 'Wireframe'.

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Change Cast Orientation to start the command. 

Select a new front face according to Figure 3. 

cast ori.gif

Figure 3. Select front face.

The lifters are now placed on the other side of the column, and the corbel can be placed. 

corbel ori 2.png

Figure 4. Lifts moved to other side. 

Insert Corbel

As mentioned above, this is the method that will be used in this course. 

Go to IMPACT - Components - Insert Corbel to start the command. 

Select corbel 'Corbel with socket - (100+200)x150' and end with 'OK'.

Insert corbel.png

Figure 2. Insert Corbels.

Select the beam and the two columns. End with 'Finish'.

insert corbel.gif

Figure 3. Select elements.

We will now do some modifications to the corbels. To make this easier, we need to modify the view so that only the columns and beam are visible. This can be done in different ways, but we will use the 'Selection Box'. 

Select the beam and columns. Go to Modify - View - Selection Box to start the command.

Selection box corbels.gif

Figure 4. Use the Selection Box.

Now, the beam and two columns are in focus, and it will be easier to modify the corbels. 

If you zoom in to the corbels, you will see that they are not as wide as the column.
corbel width 1.png

Figure 5. Corbels are not the same width as the column.

To fix this, select one of the corbels and right click and click 'Select all instances - visible in view'.

select all instances corbel.gif

Figure 6. Select all corbels.

In the properties window, in the bottom, you will find a check box for 'Full width'. Check it and the corbels will adjust to the width of the columns. 

Full width corbels.png

Figure 7. Set full width to the corbels. 

corbel width 2.png

Figure 8. The width of the corbels are adjusted. 

The corbels are now added. The next step is to make sure that the column is attached with column shoes. 

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