Version 13.0.018 Q4/2022

Last modified by Peter Karlsson on 2023/01/18 16:25


New: Changed from 2 to 3 decimals on the mass for the reinforcement quality. (Case 122099)


Fix: Editing a bar that has "Show Leader" and one that has not will enable the "Show Leader" for all bars after finishing the "Edit". (Case 122830)

Fix: Text incorrect/not visible for overwrite barmark dialogue box. (Case 122416)

Fix: Add hole does not work if the distribution line has a Z coordinate that is not equal to 0 in WCS. (Case 122797)

Fix: Special case where the text group leader lines do not follow the reinforcement. (Case 100920)

Fix: Measures are not shown in "Define Template Data" for Schedule. (Case 122718)

Fix: Endmark double that is just symbolic adds extra segment to the PXML export. (Case 122702)

Fix: Crash when running the command split bar. (Case 122349)

Fix: Special case where the reinforcement bars get multiplied when doing an MTO. (Case 122067)

Fix: Several errors in the specification for staggered bars were corrected. (Case 85832)