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The first step is to import the course project. It's prepared with some configurations that will make the start of this course a bit easier. Click here to dowload.

  • Open IMPACT Project Manager
  • Import the project by clicking Import (1) - Project (2) - Select file (3,4,5). The project export can be found here.
    import project 2.png
    Figure 1. Select the project export to be imported.
  • Change the project name to your 'BEGIN_RVT_LK' (6) where the two last characters should be your initials. In this way, it is easy to find the project the next time it is going to be opened. 
  • Check the 'Open the project after it's been imported' (7) and then click on Import (8).
    import project 2.0.png
    Figure 2. Change the project name and check the 'Open project' box.
  • There will be a dialog asking to open the log message. This time, click 'No'. In real-life projects it is important to save these logs since the user will get an overview of what happened in the latest update, as well as it will ease eventual troubleshooting. 
    show log dialog.png
    Figure 3. Dialog to open log message. 

The import is now done, and the course project is created. The next step is to take a look at the floors.

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